About Me

About me, hmm……….I have a goofy sense of humor, I can be social and I also can be an introvert. I am sensitive, can be emotional (to some degree) and a deep thinker. I have great friends (Tera and Mike ) that I adore. I’m 38 and married to a hardworking, crabby, Alaskan fisherman with deep morals and convictions who I love dearly. My oldest son Jerry is serving in the Army Reserves and luckily is in college for the time being. Patrick, my youngest, made me a very happy grandma this year!, My gorgeous little granddaughter Natalee is my pride and joy and I am fortunate enough to see her on a daily basis and love every moment I get to spend with her! I also have numerous hobbies like blogging,  reading, crafting, shopping, and, most of all, adoring my 10 month old granddaughter!