What does gusto mean?

 It means somebody who is hearty, and very keen on any kind of enjoyment.

Examples: –

  •         If you enjoy any sport, you should play it with gusto. That way, you would be proud about whatever you accomplish on the field.
  •         When the soldier returned from his trip to Afghanistan, his wife cooked him a home-made with gusto. The soldier was pretty impressed with the hot meal.
  •         After having gone through cardiac arrests, the doctor had warned me to not do anything with gusto, or else I could end up injuring myself. Having not listened to him, I am now undergoing surgery for heart blockage.
  •         It is mainly due to the fact that the author writes with a lot of gusto that people tend to end up reading his books with a lot more interest.
  •         If you have the gusto to take on a new interest, then there is no stopping you. You should obviously follow your dream.
  •         When I I am about to take out my dog for a walk, he will always greet me with gusto. Check SentenceHouse for more